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Welcome To Millat Urdu Girl's High School

Millat Urdu Girl's High School was established in the year 1970 which is recognised by Government Of Bihar under Bihar Muslim Women's Educational Development Regd. society Govt. of Bihar, Patna. The Founder President, Honourable Justice is Late Khaleel Ahmad who was a Retd. Chief Justice and the Founder Secretary is Dr. Md. Qasim Ahsan 'Warsi' who is an M.A.B.L Ph.D.Millat Urdu Girl's School is run along the lines of the best schools in the nation's educational practices. It provides a cutting edge academic programme with state-of-the art infrastructure and facilities. Quality comes through care and attention. In having to raise children of quality and purpose, to make them the kind of citizens the world needs so much today than ever before, we have to educate children not just with instructions but train them in that direction with all the attention and care they deserve. Although a rigorous academic programme is at the core of everything we at Millat Urdu Girls High School, do an equally outstanding co-curricular and extra-curricular agenda for students endows them with a much needed holistic education to give them a competitive edge over their counterparts elsewhere.

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We build upon the basis that the future of our world rests upon the quality of its youth. That is to say, the staff and the scholars are predominantly Indian, and its educational policy is oriented towards life in India and India's place in world affairs. But this has not come in the way of one of the School's most important assets: its international, multiracial and cross-regional cosmopolitan character. This is an asset of immeasurable educational value. Boys from many different parts of India, of different castes and from different religious communities, are living, working, eating, worshipping and playing together with boys from other nations with different social and religious customs.